Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Too busy to post ....yet here are some great posts :)

Just came back from San Jose......Is this heaven on earth or what!! It was the MAS Youth exec meeting and we didn't have time to tour the city, however the view of the mountains on the way from the hotel to the meeting place was such a breather for me. If you ever go down there you have to eat at this Afghan restaurant, there food is great. You may also want to stop at my sister's place, Kariman, to eat some lasagna....Canadians have something to contribute (this was an inside joke..sorry :)

I don't have much time to post anything but I think you should read this great post on Yaser's blog. You shouldn't also miss this pearl by Ahmed Deif.


Anonymous said...

I could not resist not putting a comment. Ayman u should drop the research and go in the writing business. Then California is the best, I am happy that u enjoyed it. Always interesting blogs, emails and everything. All the best


Ayman said...

Thanks for dropping by :)
I may take your advice seriously.