Monday, July 09, 2007

A driving fantasy

This Saturday MAS Youth assigned me to check the different hotels around Metro Detroit airport for the suitability for a meeting. It was so hard to find the last one so I had to stop at another hotel and ask for directions. This hotel was five stars and coincidently they had a wedding party with everyone dressed in nice suits and dresses. I wondered if MAS youth would ever hold its meetings in such a fancy facility and as I realized that this will never happen because as we grow in resources we will grow in number and we will never afford such luxury, I can't deny that I felt a little disappointed.
I carried my disappointment to the other low end hotel and then I started heading back home. It is about 25 minutes drive and I was going to spend them wallowing in my disappointment when it occurred to me that I was so wrong. We are doing all that work aiming at the eternal life in paradise. That's when I started to fantasize about our meetings in paradise.
I imagined all the MAS Youth workers, and all MAS members and activists for that matter, gathering around a beautiful lake and surrounded by rivers of water, milk, honey and wine. I imagined having the prophets and companions over (no need to have reminders :)) and we telling them all about our work and showing off about it (then we can show off, right?). I imagined we would have live presentations to see the fruit of our work years and decades after we were long gone. I imagined replaying all our good memories together and having the best entertainment events ever. We will have the best suits and dresses and we won't have to worry about baby sitting :). I understand that the thought of having to spend time with me in paradise is not that appealing for many readers but I am definitely sure that I will not be annoying at all and I will be nicer than the nicest person you have ever met so don't worry about that inshallah :). I enjoyed my drive back home.
I ask Allah to guide us and reunite all of us in Paradise with the prophets and companions, our families, neighbors and all the righteous people in Paradise.