Thursday, February 02, 2006

Caffeine is just not for me.

How miserable were my parents waiting for sunset in Ramadan to sip their tea or coffee. I grew up with a strong feeling that I want to get back at this terrible caffeine. My parents encouraged me and thus I never got used to any caffeinated drinks. I guess I am lucky to have given up on them. However, I missed a lot on one of the essential ingredients of today's dominant culture but do I care, heck no. I only care when I visit a friend and he won't have anything but tea to offer me. Instead of being a demanding guest I just drink it and of course because I am not used to the taste, I add lots of sugar but not milk. Should he have any milk, I would drink a cup of milk instead.
Last night I visited a friend and had my first cup of tea in a month. Reacting with my current anxiety due to the lots of things going on with my life, caffeine gave me the palpitations of my life. Oh, you don't want to experience that. Now it is 5:30 AM and I am too tired to study, yet I can't close those eyes. I guess I initiated this animosity with caffeine long time ago and whenever it gets a chance to hit, it hits hard. I believe that caffeine is just not for me. Is there anyone who hates caffeine as much as I do? Am I insane to hate caffeine? Should I just give in and be like everybody else and give in to caffeine?