Thursday, February 08, 2007

Busy and exciting

So inshallah, it is going to be three weeks of excitment. This weekend I am getting a bliss of warmth in San Jose, CA both physically and spiritually as I am attending the MAS Youth national exec meeting. On Valentine's day my dad will be arriving from Egypt...and yes it is just a coincidence in case you were wondering :). The weekend after that we have the MAS Youth Detroit retreat. I may be able to attend its second half. The weekend after that my dad will be away for business and I may go skiing with some of my Ann Arbor-Egyptian friends. Then, off to chicago to give my dad an ultimate winter experience. I will, inshallah drop him off at the airport on March 5 and like everytime I drop a family member at the airport, Iwill come back home empty hearted :(.

When I visited Egypt in November, I didn't get to spend time with my dad. Both of us are looking forward to this weekend to have some father-son time. I am sure he has tons of stories and I always have something to say :).

Now I am busy packing for the CA trip and getting my apartment ready for my dad :) then off to a month of excitment and emotional roller coaster.

Those are some more entries that I may bother you with.


Amatalkareem said...

Masha'Allah, you have a nice blog full of insight and experiences. I pray that your father arrives safely from Egypt and that you spend quality time with him :) There's a place called Mammoth for skiing if you're planning on going still, so maybe you can check it out when you arrive to CA. I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!

Ayman said...

Thanks for visiting, the nice wishes and the recommendation. I wish skiing was part of the MY exec meeting :)

muslimeenforislam said...

i like your blog. very nice :) keep blogging ayman, i'll insha'allah pester you on here as well. how is life? i hope well insha'Allah.

Ayman said...

Thanks for visiting. Pester on :)