Thursday, August 18, 2005

What does progressive really mean?

As I was completing my Naseeb's profile I had to answer few questions about my "Islamic" values and Naseeb's assessment was that I am "Progressive". What does that really mean? My Progressive friends think that I am so traditional and my traditional friends think that I am progressive. It is really confusing. What is more confusing is that I answered the questions following the opinions and fatwas of typical traditional scholars. Hmm, so if following the opinions of traditional scholars makes you progressive so what makes you traditional?
I was always under the impression that Traditional is an academic term for following scholars who studied and implement the methodologies of the traditional schools of thought. Obviously Naseeb has a different set of definitions. Anyway, the label doesn't really tell much about the person. There is another classification of values that is more important, like classifying people according to their rigidity and acceptance of others beliefs and values. That's more important to know. I won't mind to have friends having any values or beliefs but I would really avoid knowing people who would want to pressure me to endorse their values no matter how progressive or traditional their values are.

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Anonymous said...

Reference "My Fair Lady", why can't a woman be more like a man. A man in mature adulthood forced into a new reality by experiencing a person and situation so different from his traditions and values. His struggle is to keep his basic values, even though he may have to alter some of his traditions to evolve into his new reality.