Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptian Americans in motion, meeting minutes

Rallies may be very effective IF LOCAL MEDIA IS NOTIFIED
We need a concise and consistent message that we can all converge on to be giving out to our peers as well as be able to rearticulate in an interview or in social networking conversations
We need to have a solid presence with media outlets
We need to reach out to government officials
Demonstrations in the next couple of days will be very important
If we can focus on the media outlets over the next couple of days will be key
From Hossam via chat “Omar, can you please prepare the list of talking points in "sound-byte" format, and please post it to the facebook groups so we can speak with a unified message” (Omar Atia & Ayman)
Transition “Egyptian diaspora supporting the January 25 2011” to start new facebook page actions to be taken by this group (Ayman Khafagi)
American-Egyptian Alliance sent a letter to Mrs. Clinton – perhaps we can work along with them since they are already organized (Sameh)
Each person will reach out to local congress people with the only request to stop supporting Mubarak – all we want is that they stop supporting Mubarak – as soon as possible (note on facebook page with links for local congress people – call not email)
On the facebook page exists a list of contacts for many media outlets around the country – reach out to local media suggest they interview you (All)
Any additional media contacts add to the facebook page media list
Rally in front of Egyptian consulate for midwesterners on Saturday January 29
Next meeting will be Friday 2/4 10pm EST for this group and we will provide information
via facebook page that will be formed new – if new meeting time is needed, we will call for it sooner

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