Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptian Americans in action

The Egyptian people have chosen life, liberty and justice, destiny must obey, the night will retreat and the chain will break.

As Egyptian Americans our objective is to gain support for the revolution from our peers in the American public.

1- We will create a document with talking points that represent our consensus.
2- We will contact media outlets local and national. A database of contact information will be made available.
3- We will contact policy makers at all levels.
4- We will inform local media of our protests ahead of time and we will organize as many of them. We will be prepared with our talking points to address the media. When organizing protests we will coordinate with other local organizations.
5- We will use this facebook page to communicate and discuss our actions and events. This page doesn't represent an organization, it is the compilation of our local efforts.
6- We will meet periodically to discuss and network. Our next meeting is going to be on Friday February 6th at 10 pm EST. Information about the call will be shared soon.

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Hend said...

to all freedom callers:what is happening in Egypt is a very civilized revolution against a corrupted ruler and government.2% haveeverything and the rest has nothing ,30% below the line of poverty this is not all but add to it the humiliation and the torture of the innocent people who try to express their oppinion or ask for their rights.we need your support.