Thursday, February 10, 2011

My letter to Congressman Levin

Dear Congressman Levin,

I'm sure that you are following the events unfold in Egypt with
concern for the future freedom of Egyptians as well as the strategic interests of the US in the entire region. As an Egyptian American, I'm also following the events unfold and am concerned about the short term safety of my family overseas, the long term effects of the events on the future of Egypt and the future of the US-Egyptian relations. Which
side of history is the US going to be on? That's a major concern.

I have family members on the streets willing to die for freedom while our government is cutting deals with the current dictatorial regime to circumvent the revolution. Not only do I think that it's immoral but also political suicide for the US. The people of Egypt have spoken: the young, diverse youth, both Muslim and Christian, have taken a path of no return. They know that if the regime survives for one day after they disperse, they will all be picked up and placed in jail indefinitely. The US administration is obviously encouraging a scenario of handing control to the new VP Omar Sulieman. This has been rejected unequivocally by the people. Sulieman's only path to consolidate power has to be through crushing the protesters. Should the US withdraw its support for him, he would be prevented from taking an extreme violent actions against the people. The US has, unintentionally and indirectly, given him the green light to commit mass murder.

Regardless of the outcome, Egyptians will never forget that the US backed candidate killed their people. The Egyptian revolution has values and aspirations that are the same as the ones this nation was founded on. There's no logical reason why we should go down in history as adversaries instead of partners. Not only are we missing an opportunity but we are not being faithful to our core values.

Please request the president to withdraw all support from Omar
Sulieman and to support all the demands of the Egyptian people. Take away Sulieman's aspirations for presidency at the expense of the Egyptians.

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