Friday, September 25, 2009

Letter to Senator Debbie Stabenow

Dear Senator Stabenow,

I know that the senate finance committee is planning to vote today on amending the public option (or a form of it) to Senator Baucus' bill.

I understand that to insure people with preexisting conditions we need to have an individual mandate. I however feel that it's unfair to be forced to buy insurance from the current private insurance companies. Therefore, the public option is very important to me.

In my opinion, the public option and the individual mandate go hand-in-hand. I understand that the public option may only cover 3% of the population. However, I don't want to feel that my government is giving me away to an industry whose primary incentive is to profit off my health care.

Moreover, I would like to see the senate finance committee increasing the subsidies for the poor and starting the exchange earlier with all businesses included.

This bill defines who we are as people. Keeping the insurance industry in check, maintaining choice, protecting consumers and taking care of the poor is the outcome I look forward to.


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